7 Things You Should Wait to Get Until After Baby is Born

Your baby will eat your money.  No, not really. Actually, they really can but the point I’m trying to make is how expensive babies can get. According to a survey by BabyCenter, you can expect to spend almost $10,000 in the baby’s first year alone—not including contributions to a college fund. By simply holding off on purchasing a few items, you are able to make more informed choices and give yourself more time to shop around. Some items you thought you absolutely need may end up being just a huge waste of money!

  • STROLLER 7. Have you seen how much nice strollers can go for? It can cost you from $100-$1200, depending on what features are important to you. You will need an infant car seat to be able to bring baby home from the hospital but really, the stroller can wait. It is nice to have but it’s not a necessity if you choose to use a baby carrier as well.